Nature of Now provides workshops in Plant Music, guided meditation and breathwork to help people tune into the universal wisdom of intuition.


Plant Music

Plants are living beings just like us, but much more sensitive. Through Plant Music, we monitor data harvested from subtle fluctuations of plant biorhythms and translate them into sound. These fluctuations are, in part, a result of a plant's response to its environment - both in realms humans can experience and those that only a plant can sense.

Through Plant Music, we experience a harmonious sonic environment that is not only relaxing, but may also respond to the change in energy of a room due to our relaxed state. This becomes very useful in exercises related to tuning into one's feelings and intuition.

Guided Meditation

Through guided meditation, you are encouraged to tune into changes in patterns of Plant Music and observe their relationship to your thoughts, feelings and actions. We explore these relationships through exercise techniques that play with focus, intention and receiving.


Through this practice, we fill our emotional centers with breath, purify it in the heart and release that which needs to be let go - allowing more space for our own vibration to be expressed.

Future Walks

A Future Walk is a walking meditation where we have a conversation from the point of view of having achieved a future dream reality. By having a conversation from this place we access the very source of that which allows us to live our dreams - the feeling that they are not only possible, but present in our bodies here and now.